Reveiws for  Toyland / March Of The Toys by Christmas The Band

Penhasco Rock - Brazil
An incredible song, with an enchanting rhythm that surprises us throughout the song, leaving a feeling of comfort, with great solos of an impeccable melody, they gave us a true work of art, in my opinion it is simply perfect, everything very well tuned and organized , we will definitely add it to our playlists.
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Rock Al Palo - USA
What a beautiful job Christmas The band! The combination of sounds is warm and inspiring, from beginning to end a very fun and pleasant rhythm, congratulations for this! We will add you to our new playlist, keep it up! Greetings.

M & R Digital Agency - France
Hi !! Thanks for the request! Listened to the song, sounds good! Songwriting and melodies are really cool! Added to our Spotify playlist "100% NEW Rock & Metal" for the weekly rotation! Happy to support! Best

MusicAlive.Net - Italy
Hi CTB, how are you doing? Thanks for sharing with us your music, I'm Mattia (founder). I really like your song! Unluckly our website is very strong with Italian music, but... :) …we created a spot on our website with the media you attached! If you have any question please contact us! ?? Full respect for your art, your sound and your music. I hope that sharing you on our website and social pages/channels will help you in reaching italian people ?? @MattiaPavanetto
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Rock Blues Brazil
Hello Christmas The Band. Thank you for submitting the song "Toyland / March of the Toys". The music travels through progressive rock in a very pleasant way. Highlight the synth line. Let's add it to our Spotify playlist.

Indie Music Discovery - USA
This is Joshua from Indie Music I dig your style and am interested in using your music for future reviews, interviews and other opportunities we have to promote your music. I added you to my Indie Music Holidays playlist

Sound Of Spitfire - United Kingdom
Hi guys, a really cool tune... it's like "Focus does Christmas"! Superb mastering and the prog-rock vibe really cuts through. It really will make a difference playing an "alternative" xmas tune on our shows Nice job Chris @soundofspitfire
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Copperstone - USA
Decent track with some alternative holiday vibes. Phaser effect on the leads gives the song an interesting dynamic but overall works well. Added to our Holidays playlist. Please stream through the playlist to help support the artists and encourage your fans to do the same. Thank you for sharing your music with us. We look forward to hearing more!

Estudio El Papa - Brazil
Guys your song is so cool! It has a very good melody, the production of the track also deserves praise, good arrangements, everything sounds good, well recorded track, congratulations to everyone for the great work and great song! I undertake to include and ensure that the track remains on my playlist for at least 15 days, I hope this can help you in the search for new listeners and consequently new fans, ok? Thank you very much for sharing your music with me, it was a great pleasure to know your song, all the best to you, Renato

Rock And Birra Radio - Venezuela
Great theme for dates to sing along and spread Christmas cheer, sugary tunes that are as soothing to the soul as they are clearing the chakras.
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Rock Culture - Spain
Hello, I find it an interesting song. It has a good melody and good rhythm. I will share it on my website
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OK Play Music - Brazil
Interesting composition. Psychedelic structure, beautiful vocal melodies, diversified drums and great guitar solos. Let's share our playlist of news on Spotify (Ok Music Play/Radar).

Last Day Deaf - West Europe
Great music! Will share your gem as part of one of our blog playlists. Stay in touch, follow us on social media!
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Music For All - Brazil
The land of dreams is surrounded by good vibes, including toy trains that make their way non-stop, a ferris wheel surrounded by many colored lights, and everything else that the imagination can come up with, the best part being being able to share it with a loved one, so many delicious costumes, which can direct the steps of the future and guarantee a merry Christmas in childhood. The notes of this composition are good, which lull our mind, along with the narration of the verses, to the land of possibilities, where the games never end.
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Atom Heart Magazine - Italy
Wow! A very original work... we like it! We really appreciated the very particular sound. We added the song to our Spotify playlist "Nuove Scoperte - Atom Heart Magazine".

Alcaldesa - Mexico
Guys, I love progressive rock and Christmas, so this combination is totally perfect! I like this combination of genres and instruments through the song, all the changes and ups and downs from jazzy mood to opera vibes and the essence of progressive rock is always present. Those arrangements with the synths and guitar effects remind you of the progressive bands from the 70s and the orchestration is so cool. Thanks for sharing, guys! It's a very nice adaptation and song. I hope I can continue listening more about your project!

Prog Rock Scenes - Brazil
Wow! I really enjoyed your song! My Prog Rock Scenes Instagram channel was created just to share songs like yours. Congratulations for your band!

Playfonic - Brazil
The song "Toyland / March of the Toys" from Christmas The Band, has its jazz pop sound vibe. The vocals are clean. The instrumental transmits a progressive rock vibe, with great drum play. . We will share it in our social media.
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