The Band 

Linus And Lucy Freeway Jam

4 Song EP

New and Traditional
Christmas Music

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Photo By Uberprutser


Alec Fuhrman - Guitar
Peter Penhallow - Keyboards

Rob Fordyce - Bass
Steve Evans - Bass Track 3 
Charles Tapp - Drums, Keyboards, Vocals

Recorded at Rudolf Music
Produced by Christmas

Mastered at
Resonance Audio Pte Ltd
Engineer: Bryant Hwang

© 2013 Rudolf Music BMI 

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1. Linus And Lucy Freeway Jam
Vince Guaraldi, Max Middleton
Sample 1 | Sample 2

2. 3 Ships
Traditional Carol

3. Jingle Bear Boogie
Charles Tapp

4. Silent Night
Franz Gruber, Joseph Mohr

Silent Night You Tube
Silent Night

Silent Night You Tube
Jingle Bear Boogie


Live 12/14/12

Linus And Lucy Freeway Jam
Available  at
and Spotify


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