Welcome to Troccerball

New game for 3 or more players. Similar to soccer but with 3 goals and 3 teams. You can only score a point at your own goal.

There are four 5 minute quarters and the highest score wins. Each team begins at their own goal and the Referee will place the ball at the Center Point and move out of the field of play and announce; "Ready, Set, Go". Each team will go to the ball and proceed to try and score at their own goal. After a point is scored the ball is placed at the Center Point and the teams back to their home goal and the referee will announce; "Ready, Set, Go". The clock will not stop until each quarter ends. After a 2 minute break the teams will rotate to the right and the remaining quarters will commence.

The  referee can call any player for a foul if play is too rough. When a foul is called, the player fouled gets one free shot from the center point to try and score a 1 point goal.

Items needed to play; 1 ball (soccerball, vollyball or whatever is handy). 3 lawn chairs or similiar to act as the goals. 1 referee/timekeeper.

Place the goals at an equal distance from each other in a triangle shape to form the field like the image above. Have Fun!!


Troccerball Scorecard 1st 1/4 2nd 1/4 3rd 1/4 4th 1/4 Total
Team 1 - Name:          
Team 2 - Name:          
Team 3 - Name:          


Triune (3 in 1) and Soccer = Troccer