Charles Tapp / Tapp / Rudolf Music (CD)

Splendid E-Zine
There are some intriguing, new wavey melodies here
held aloft by dense walls of keyboard bluster.
Charles Tapp's voice, deep and plummy, works well with his music. -- gz

Ian L McDowell 181-4
There are several different styles on the album
which makes it interesting.
Charles Tapp and Rob Neumann are both
accomplished musicians, and I think
they both have a great deal of talent.
…filled with energy and passion.

Par Winberg - Midwestern Skies
This CD contains a softer type of melodic rock
with a lot of sweeping keyboards.
'Lead Me On' is a good AOR track
and the prog influenced 'There She Goes'
is a real cool track with a great solo.
Check him up at:

Strutterzine - The Netherlands

This is definitely something different from TIMMY member Charles Tapp. Together with guitarist Rob Neumann, Charles released this CD in 1997. Musically very hard to describe. Really good is "Lead me on", this is an outstanding pompous 80s AOR tune a la WHITE SISTER, TIMMY, EYE… Songs like "To a better place", "Every day's Friday" (a la DEPECHE MODE) and "In other words" are examples of this weird New Wave influenced Popsound. Charles did something very different musically on his solo-CD. More info at: