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Randy Hansen

 Live In Boston December 1980

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Champagne and Cocaine
Dancin’ With Me
Time Won’t Stop
I Can’t Wait
Manic Depression/
Are You Experienced
Watch What You Say
Star Spangled Banner
Purple Haze


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 From the Archives! "Live In Boston 1980", was recorded by a fan on cassette near the sound board. It is a bit rough but captures a great Randy Hansen live show. Scott Rosburg is on bass and vocals, with Charles Tapp on drums and vocals. This show was from the tour supporting the 1980 Randy Hansen Album on Capitol Records.

Songs 5,6,9 &10 written by
Jimi Hendrix. Published by
Experience Hendrix, L.L.C.
Used by permission
All Rights Reserved


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OK Lets get to the crux of the issue with this recording. From accounts I have read on the web, this was recorded by a fan next to the soundbooth at the show on a cassette tape recorder. The tape was than remastered into digital form , however it is VERY ruff and has frequent drop outs. That being said , if you were one of the lucky ones like me who got to see Randy on this tour (I saw him at Tingley coloseum in Albuquerque, NM) and want to recapture the moment sound wise than this is as close as you get, at least until they ever wise up and re-release his self titled debut album on cd.
Hey remember the "in Randy we trust" dollars they shot out of a canon at the end of the concert....I still have mine. Enjoy fellow fans.

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Randy Hansen 1980 Capitol Records Album Re-Released on CD and now available at:

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