The Maestro
Maestro David Kyle in his waterfront studio and home in West Seattle, Washington USA - 1980

Maestro and Bo Bo - Happy Birthday Maestro - April 3 Forever

Maestro David Paul Kyle April 3, 1918 - November 27, 2004

 From The Maestro
Said in his strong full bass voice
"Love every note"
"Think the sound"
"Project beyond the 4th wall"
"See it perfect in your minds eye"
"You are what you think you are"
"There is no such thing as a coincidence"
"Breath, pause, vividly think the sound, sing"
 "What the mind of man can concieve and believe, it can acheive"
"Never satisfied, always content"
"Think good thoughts"

Photos by Maestro student Charles Tapp

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