Timmy Atlanta Project Review

The history of TIMMY goes way back to the mid-60s when the members started playing music. This mini-album titled 'The Atlanta Project' was recorded back in 1984. The band recorded the 4 songs on this album along with guest bassist Andy West of "The Dixie Dregs", and producer Eddy Offord, YES, POLICE, ELP). Although their musical influences also come from these bands, I can't hear much of a similarity, because this band is pure early 80s AOR/Pomprock that reminds me of bands like SYNCH, LE ROUX, RATHSKELLER, THRILLS…

So basically you get a lot of wonderful keyboards (the band has two members who playing keyboards and singing), super melodic harmonyvocals, catchy hooklines all over the place, superb memorable choruses, sharp guitar riffs and this is all packed in a radio-format early 80s typed rocksound. I still can't believe in all those years nobody has ever mentioned this TIMMY, because the 4 songs of this mini record all really superb pure Classic 80s AOR/Pomp tunes from a very high quality.

The CD starts with "Nuclear affair", a fantastic pure 80s uptempo classic AOR tune that basically contains everything you need to hear (keys, harmonies, hooklines, chorus). The song can easily be compared to the likes of THRILLS, SYNCH, DAKOTA, and THRILLS. In the exact same style is also the next tune "Baby lady". Then we get to hear "Broadway Hollywood", another classy 80s AOR tune that is a bit more in the style of FRANKE AND THE KNOCKOUTS, ALLIANCE (1982)…

And also closing track "Back up slow down" has that feeling, a totally classy early 80s AOR sound. I can easily add it a couple more times that you need to get a copy of this record a.s.a.p. This CD only has 4 tracks, but they are a dream come true for anyone that likes that good old early 80s polished AOR/Pomp/Radio-rocksound of mentioned bands.

Originally recorded in 1984, but now finally it has seen the light of day on CD by the label Rudolf Music (http://www.rudolfmusic.com) You can download some of the songs through their website.

Rating: 9,5/10
Strutterzine - The Netherlands