a histography

It all started in 8th grade, 1967, the summer of love, in Buckhead, Georgia.
Keyboardist John Langford met guitarist Don Macleod, and the rest was history.
To this day, they still practice on Wednesday nights.
Why? Because they love it.

From the beginning, they had to have that "Brown" soun'.
(Translated into laymens terms, that's basically a Marshall on ten).
Thus the name 'Timmy'.
A contradiction in terms, or a surprise punch perhaps.
I am reminded of when Elvis came on the Sullivan show, and said,
"Okay, we're gonna slow it down a little...Ya ain't nothin' but a houndog!!!
That knocked me out of my socks.

So Timmy comes out with a friendly meek little handshake of a name,
and then proceeds to knock you off your ass.

Heralded as the unsung progressive band of the seventies,
Timmy boasts an impressive history of associates that includes:
Andy West of the Dixie Dregs, Mark O'Conner, Vince Welnick,
Eddy Offord, and infamous rock manager Tony Secunda.

Marin County California
Timmy joins forces with Cream of Chicken,
replacing guitarist Angie Makurak with Peter Penhallow, (aka Mr. Cheez),
and drummer Dave Obiedo with Paul Southard, (aka Paul Zahl...his girlfriends tall!).

Peter eventually moves to mini moog, (the 'saxophone', as he would refer to it), Donny moves
from bass to guitar, and John takes over the bass with his left hand.

One of their songs at that time was called "Big Long One", which says it all.
Most of their tunes, mostly written by John, and collaborated with by Donny and Peter, were
anywhere from ten minutes to an hour long, and were these fantastic and beautiful
epics with time changes every measure.
(What's a measure?).

From 1975 to 1988, various drummers came in and out,
while John, Donny and Peter remained as the core of the group.

Zahl stayed maybe a year, and maybe came back once or twice,
but was eventually replaced with Mitch Hinard, (aka Panda).
The music was a stretch for Panda, but he rose to the occasion and hit hard.

After Panda came Bob, (Uncle Woofy), easily the best progressive drummer on the planet.
The Uncle Woofy period was a height.
The tunes were longer, crazier, more beautiful than ever, and played with precision.
The band opened for many progressive bands of that era to standing ovations.

Bob left.

In comes Charlie Tapp.
The band was also recruited by famed rock manager Tony Secunda.
A shift in the music occurs. shorter tunes, straighter beats.
This was a typical shift for progressive bands at this time,
the early eighties, I guess,
and Timmy handled the shift with more grace
than a lot of the other progressive bands at that time.

Bob came back, with bassist Andy West, who was rebounding from his break-up with the Dixie Dregs.

So now the band was John, Donny, Peter, Charlie, Bob, and Andy.
Charlie was Alan White to Bob's Bill Bruford. It was a killer combination.

Mark O'Conner, who was John's roomate at the time, lent some fiddle to a couple of recordings.

The band made a demo, (The Atlanta Project), produced by Eddy Offord, (oops, Bob's gone again).
All the King's men loved it, just the King's A and R guys went, ehh!

Progressive was dead.

Bye Charlie. Bye Andy. Bye Tony.

Hello Brain! Paul Chatterton III on the drums.

Vince Welnick came in to co-write and produce a few tunes for the "Eye" > CD.

"Has anyone seen Peter?"
"Hey Peter, when ya comin' to rehearsal?"
"Guys, I ran away from home to play piano for babies".

Brain left the band soon after Mr. Cheez,
and eventually flew into the arms of God
from the seat of his Harley.
God bless ya, brother.

Andy Bishop joins the band on drums, they been a bad ass rockin' trio ever since.

Timmy is John (Langford) Harrison, Donny MacLeod, Andy Bishop

30 years of Rock and Roll!

So I seriously doubt that this is...

The End